Posted by on April 7, 2017

It’s not often a writer has the opportunity to collaborate beyond the realm of words. I love words—the thin black scratches on a sea of white paper that communicates so much. They are part of my soul, but I know they are open to broad interpretation and their effect can be limited by the mood of the reader. Imagine how powerful words could be if they came alive with colour and texture as well.

It’s this imagining that makes the collaboration of art and words between my aunt, Susan Farquhar, and I so personally exciting.

Susan is a Canadian visual artist, who began working and exhibiting in the eighties while practising as a professional fine art printer for artists. She and her partner Robert Game established their own printmaking studio in 1991 working with artists collaboratively in etching, silkscreen and relief mediums until 2013.

I have loved Susan’s artwork for as long as my memory stretches. Late last year, I asked her if she would consider creating the cover artwork for my forthcoming book, Wild Tapestry: Weaving Wildlife Survival. Around the same time, she was invited to prepare an art exhibit at the David Kaye Gallery and she embraced Wild Tapestry as her theme.

The words and art of Wild Tapestry have since been developing on two sides of the globe. While I have been writing in Australia, Susan has been developing her work in Canada, connected by a shared concern for our planet.

For the Exhibition, I penned a short essay, Weaving a Wild Tapestry.

Susan Farquhar, Wild Tapestry Triptych, 2017I am delighted to be able to share two of her pieces ahead of the exhibition, Rooted Cosmo (above) and Wild Tapestry Triptych (left), as well as images of her working process (below).






Susan Farquhar developing the Wild Tapestry series, 2017Susan Farquhar developing the Wild Tapestry series, 2017 Susan Farquhar developing the Wild Tapestry series, 2017


As the opening of the Wild Tapestry exhibition approaches, I will post more about Susan’s beautiful and thought-provoking pieces, along with some samples of my own writing from the book.

I encourage you to connect with Susan on Facebook and her website, and if you are in Toronto between 4-28 May 2017, take the opportunity to see her beautiful work at the David Kaye Gallery.

Susan Farquhar, Wild Tapestry Exhibition