After losing my home, farm, and wildlife sanctuary to the unprecedented and climate-driven Australian Black Summer wildfires, I am dedicating the next decade to writing about and advocating for human and non-human communities affected by unfolding climate chaos.


A Message from the Edge of Climate Catastrophe

For release October 27, 2022

Unprecedented fires ripped across Kangaroo Island’s precious landscape in early 2020. Wildfires are an ancient presence in Australia, but this was a drier, hotter season than we have ever experienced. These were monster fires that burned too hot and were impossible to contain. Even the oldest souls within this small island community gravely shake their heads and whisper ‘never before’.

Margi Prideaux and her husband lost their home and farm on that fateful day. In the aftermath, Margi has chronicled her community’s journey from the disaster into the stark awareness of climate chaos, from climate apathy to frontline witnesses of a global climate crisis.

FIRE carries a message from a small community to the world. The time for words, and targets, and plans is over. Communities must adapt to survive and save what we can before it is too late. ‘We have experienced the beginning of the climate change curve and we cannot bequest this hell to future generations.’



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Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife

The world is entering a period of unprecedented environmental and political change. By mid-century, climate change will cause dramatic ecosystem shifts. Hundreds, if not thousands, of species will disappear from the earth including icons like polar bears, gorillas, Asiatic lions and bluefin tuna.

For many cultures ’species’ are ’place’. As our cultivated global community erodes, international triage decisions about species and local ecosystems will commence and if we are not alert, these decisions will be made on our collective behalf, without local perspective or accountability. Global Environmental Governance, Civil Society and Wildlife illuminates a clear pathway for the environmental, non-governmental community to transition into a co-governance role. Many NGO diplomats have deeper experience and more technical knowledge about policy discussions than their government counterparts and are unburdened by sovereign constraints. The book puts forward the perspectives of developing world civil society and the case that it must play a more significant role in future decision making. Civil society from around the world must be welcomed by governments at the global environmental governance table if we are to hear birdsong after the storm.

An extraordinary book responding with experiential brilliance to the violent storm raging across the whole of planet earth. Writing with the deep knowledge of a scholar, the engaged fervor of a veteran activist, and the wisdom of a poetic visionary Margi Prideaux has produced an inspiring text for our time enlivened by its focus on the frightening ordeal we humans inevitably share with the animal wonders of nature also entrapped in this predatory capitalist world. Without exaggeration, a thrilling and indispensable guide to the future.
–Professor Richard Falk, Power Shift: On the New Global Order; and (Re)Imagining Humane Global Governance.

Tales from the River

An Anthology of River Literature

At a time when wild rivers are imperilled, Tales from the River presents a timely collection of river literature from twenty-one authors exploring our vital relationship with rivers and how they shape our lives. Featuring original writing by award winning authors, and exciting new voices in eco-literature, each writer draws on their wisdom, compassion, and ecological consciousness to create a range of dramatic and timely stories. The book asks: How do we stop the terrible decline of our wild rivers? We protect what we love, by standing together on the bank of a river.

Rivers are story bearers.  In this volume, memories and murmurs, tragedies and travels, elegies and epics are borne to us on currents of masterful language.  Reading Tales from the River was like sailing the world anew on a vessel built of sheer joy.
—Alyson Hagy, Ghosts of Wyoming and Scribe

This wonderful collection reminds us that rivers are far more than just sources of water: they nourish people’s fields and souls, they flow through our cities and our cultures. Protecting and restoring the world’s rivers requires us to value them for all their benefits: this book evokes these benefits and provides a powerful call for a re-evaluation of why rivers matter.
— Stuart Orr, Leader Freshwater Practice, WWF

Birdsong After the Storm

Averting the Tragedy of Global Wildlife Loss

There is a storm brewing. Humans may survive the turmoil and onslaught of climate change and political upheaval, but the world they create will be brittle and harsh. In choosing between the market, people, and wildlife, we are casting a future where a tiger’s footprints will not be seen in snowdrifts, and the deep, pungent smell of elephant musth won’t carry on the wind. Drawing on decades of experience as a wildlife activist, international negotiator, and academic, Dr Margi Prideaux describes how we can amplify voices from Africa, Asia and Latin America. She presents a poignant essay—we need not march into a tragic future where wildness disappears. Tapping local community wisdom, we can design promising potential. We can choose to hear birdsong after the storm.

Clearsighted, passionate and inspiring, Margi Prideaux has written a vital reimagining of the destiny of environmental activism. Birdsong After the Storm is a clarion call for civil society to step forward and demand greater power. This important and wise book will reshape the thinking of activists, environmentalists, NGOs and policy makers.
–Micah White, The End of Protest.

All Things Breathe Alike

A Wildlife Anthology

One wildlife anthology. Three passionate nature writers. Nine engaging stories.

Humorous, heart-warming, and just plain entertaining, this delightful miscellany of creative non-fiction and fiction tales, by Margi Prideaux, Jessica Groenendijk, and Donna Mulvenna, captures wildlife writing at its most exciting and diverse.

All Things Breathe Alike takes you on a journey through some of the most scenic and rich wildlife habitats in the world. From the humble chameleon in Tanzania to the regal gorilla in Rwanda, from the irrepressible giant otter in the Peruvian Amazon to the majestic elephant in Thailand’s forests, and from the gentle sloth to the haughty harpy eagle in French Guiana, the insights and encounters with nature will charm and inspire anyone with a respect and love of wildlife.