1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something;
2. advocating or based on thorough political or social change

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, I was called to give evidence to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis. What would I say? What could this serve?  I had spent the year following the firestorm on January 3, 2020 working through a deep and painful process. I had lost faith in my beliefs and was forced to rebuild myself again. Then, as I sat at my desk to prepare, the words flowed with ease. Perhaps for the first time in my life I wrote the full truth, without apology to anyone. My statement was not perfect. It offended some and outraged others. And, the tone and texture of it will change in the months and years to come. But, time has run out for more plans and obfuscation. Climate-driven collapse is imminent and now is the time for truth-telling.

FIRE: A Message from the Edge of Climate Catastrophe

After losing my home, farm, and wildlife sanctuary to the unprecedented and climate-driven Black Summer wildfires, I am dedicating the next decade to advocating for human and non-human communities affected by unfolding climate chaos. This begins with my next book, FIRE: A Message from the Edge of Climate Catastrophe; a chronicle of the Kangaroo Island community’s experience on the frontline of climate change.

FIRE: A Message from the Edge of Climate Catastrophe should be on the bookshelf of every person who is concerned about climate change or who has felt ecological grief. … In Prideaux’s stories and words you can both hear and feel the deep mourning and terrible grief that accompanies the reality of what we are facing. It comes like a hurricane, a tsunami, an avalanche – but one made of fire. … Prideaux’s story is our story; it is a single instance of what the entire human species is facing. … FIRE is brilliant and powerful and deeply, deeply moving. It is not a book I will easily forget. And I suspect that as the years of climate collapse roll on, I will think of and turn to it many times.’
—Stephen Harrod, Earth Grief: The Journey Into and Through Ecological Loss

Book release: October  20, 2022
Stormbird Press/Wakefield Press


A discussion from the edge of climate chaos

Nature Festival: 2pm, October 8, 2022

Catastrophic rain bombs, lethal floods and mudslides, deadly droughts, apocalyptic wildfires: it’s time we talked about adaptation.

Formal statements

Formal statement to the Australian Senate Inquiry into Australia’s faunal extinction crisis, September 29, 2020

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